Who Would We Nominate? Who Inspires Us?

Who Would We Nominate?

Do you know someone who has made a deep impact on your life or in your community? Is there a person you know who is selfless and gives back more than they would ever take? We want you to nominate community heroes who have not just made an impact on your life, but also an impact on your community as a whole, or even a small part of your community. A community hero doesn’t have to be a front line or essential worker, it can be an everyday person who chooses to do good for others.

Who Inspires Us?

Volunteers Donating Food

When we think of who we would nominate as a community hero, we think of people who went out of their way to make life easier for those who were impacted by the pandemic. One example would be the owner of a local nail salon who bought fabric from JoAnn’s Fabric and made masks for kids and adults while her store was closed. She did this all while also taking care of her father in law who has cancer. This seemingly small item made a huge difference to essential workers whose ears were being rubbed raw from wearing PPE all day every day. Community heroes are not just front line or essential workers, they are everyday people too. Someone who inspires us is the local librarian who set up Zoom reading circles for pre-school children and their parents to provide fun relief during a high-stress time.

One of the hardest-hit groups of people during the COVID—19 pandemic were the elderly. Nursing homes and assisted living homes had to shut their doors to protect the health of the residents, causing many families to not be able to see each other. An inspiring story we heard was about elementary school children becoming pen pals with the elderly who were in these nursing homes alone. They would write cards to their new friends and talk about their pets, favorite foods, and TV shows they liked to watch.

Mom Home Schooling Kids

Think of your family and how they stepped up during the pandemic. How about all of the Grandparents who took care of their grandkids while they were furloughed so that the parents could continue to work their full-time job. Or maybe there was an aunt who was furloughed and took care of her nieces and nephews during the day. Sometimes an everyday community hero can be someone you are close to.

Do you have a favorite local place to eat in your community? One more example of a community hero would be the restaurant owner who changed the way they do business in a matter of days and provided free meals to first responders, nurses, and doctors who were working 48-hour or longer shifts.

Inspiration and appreciation can come in many forms. Have someone who inspires you and who has earned your appreciation for all that they’ve done in your community?

Nominate them today.