Designer Spotlight – Dani Polidor

Those who are acquainted with Dani Polidor would not be surprised to learn that she is an environmental designer, licensed real estate agent and owner of City Sense ROC, a 5,500-square-foot space in downtown Rochester, NY what state? designed for the exploration of interior design, real estate and much more. She loves to make design accessible to everyone and is ready to share her expertise with anyone willing to learn.

Dani Polidor

When Dani was a DFAD contest runner up 5 years ago, the makeover done at the Willow Domestic Violence Center made all the difference to create a new culture for the organization.

For Dani, being a Design Ambassador meant creating lifelong friendships with her design sisters and brothers and forging an unbreakable bond. Dani is forever grateful for her opportunity and used the experience to shift the focus of her business around cause marketing through social justice initiatives.

Dani is currently an adviser for a real estate outreach program for Perkins Mansion, part of the University Women of America Association. She runs her real estate practice and fills the space with like-minded not-for-profit organizations.

Since the makeover at Willow Domestic Violence Center, Dani has continued to do good in her community. As a realtor, Dani works hard to help people get the mortgages they need to purchase the homes they deserve, without displacement or gentrification.

Dani’s advice to others who want to do good in their community is to find something they are passionate about, be their authentic self, and listen more than you speak.

Dani Polidor

Dani is excited to see DFAD going in the new direction of awarding community heroes. She recently did a project with her resources similar to the contest and is excited to see every day people get their chance to be recognized.

We asked Dani who she would nominate to receive the DFAD grand prize, and she immediately referred to her close friend, Donte J Worth. Donte created a company that empowers people to turn their pain into prosperity by living their authentic lives. In Donte’s point of view, people do not have to let their bad choices confine them, and encourages everyone he meets to take the opportunity to grow. Donte has two published best sellers in addition to television and stage performances.

Dani says she is eternally grateful to the International Design Guild family and DFAD team and cannot thank them for changing her life, making a difference to the Willow Domestic Violence Center, and for creating lifelong friendships with the other designers.