Three Things DFAD Designers Can’t Live Without

When it comes to designing beautiful, functional spaces for deserving clients, the DFAD design team knows a thing or two. They are the experts on perfecting just what a space needs to work for a variety of uses, whether it’s children, adults, or both! And that’s no easy feat – some open concept spaces need to be more defined without putting up permanent walls, while other spaces work better with open concepts.

No matter the final design or the type of space, it’s crucial that the designers have what they need to complete the look with the tools required. But what exactly does a DFAD designer like to have in their bag and in their own home to bring a space to life?

We’re asking Stephanie Stroud and Lisa Schmitz, two of our DFAD designers who have helped on past projects not only what they HAVE to have in their bag, but also what they like to have in their home to get a glimpse into the life of a DFAD designer. Who knows what we’ll discover!

Stephanie Stroud (left) Lisa Schmitz (right)

Stephanie Stroud of Stephanie Stroud Interiors focuses on blending classic design with current styles. And, in her own home, she doesn’t stray. She says one of must-haves in her home is a piece of furniture that is older, vintage, or antique – pretty much anything that isn’t brand-new.

She said, “I don’t like everything to be on trend. It has to have some lasting design in my mind, and I feel like there has to be something with history.” She even mentioned that she has some antiques that have been in her family, and she hasn’t had to refinish them due to their pristine condition! Not only does she like to have an older piece, but she likes the look of pairing modern art with it to give it an updated, but still classic look.

In her bag, she has to have her measuring tape!

Liza Schmitz is heavily involved with DFAD in Kansas City and believes that interiors are the backdrop for the art and people you love. In her own home, she shared with us that she likes to have a few things that make her feel comfortable. The first is tons of natural light. She loves large windows and light and supplementing light with lamps. Whether it’s a table lamp or a floor lamp, she believes that they can add ambiance at eye level, which adds a sense of coziness more than a ceiling fixture can.

The other thing that Lisa loves to have in her home is the perfect spot to curl up with a book. She said, “In my house, it’s a chair in a corner. It’s comfy and I have everything right there where I want – a table for my magazines, and spot to set my tea.

On the topic of what Lisa likes to have in her bag, it’s Sharpies. She enjoys the ultra-fine point Sharpies, specifically!

Who knew these simple items could make such a difference in the lives of our DFAD designers!