Q&A with Stephanie Stroud

Can you tell us about yourself?

I live in Kansas City, I am married and I started my design business right after I had my son in 2004. I specialize in residential but I do some commercial. I focus on classic design with current elements mixed in. I do a ton of remodeling, so I kind of do the gamut from kids bedrooms to full on remodels. I have been doing a lot of kitchens since the pandemic.

How did you get involved with DFAD?

I buy from a showroom in Kansas City who was a part of the initial launch where they did a design contest where designers chose to makeover a charity. I entered the contest and won! That’s how it all started. That was the operation breakthrough makeover in 2013/2014.

How has DFAD changed your life?

I think it’s changed my life because it has shown me I can give back through profession. I can give my gifts and talents to those who don’t necessarily have the same gifts and talents. It’s been amazing for my family and friends that have volunteered with me. It’s such a great way to feel like you are connected to your community and that you are helping out.

My husband and my kids and My kids friends have all been involved when we have to gather things for the renovations, as well as the actual labor part where we do things like stock bookshelves, and paint, and rip down walls. Everyone has been fully involved which has been really fun.

How has DFAD effected your business?

I think DFAD has made a difference in a few clients I have gotten after. I promote it on my website and I think that people who check out designers prior to their project do their homework. I have had multiple people say to me that either they had a connection with the charity prior, or they saw that I gave back to the community and they liked that.

What’s your favorite thing about DFAD?

The DFAD community including all the other designers and their support and friendship has been incredible. Anything you need from a personal or business standpoint, they’re always there, which has been really great. They helped me go to the next level in my business which gave me the confidence to push forward. The people are definitely the best part.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when choosing flooring and items for a client?

I think how the client lives. So, for example, do they have dogs and kids, or how do they wear and tear on their space?

Stephanie Stroud is a renowned interior designer in the Kansas City Metro area and around the country who believes the power of design can transform lives. She specializes in blending classic design with current styles to create timeless spaces that are beautiful and functional.