Mountain Valley Developmental Services Receives a Huge Update

In Vail Valley, Colorado, an organization in a little town called Minturn witnessed a huge update! Turns out Minturn, population 1200, was a former railroad town that serviced the mining industry. Today it’s full of quaint shops, bed-and-breakfasts, and it’s a great place to escape in the Colorado mountains. Select Surfaces has rallied the entire community to do a spectacular makeover at Mountain Valley Developmental Services.

Mountain Valley Developmental Services provides services to adults with developmental disabilities. Services include a day program, as well as a vocational rehab that supports individuals who work independently in the community. The organization provides support by helping them go grocery shopping or taking them to doctor’s appointments. Employees also teach people how to be an interactive and positive force in the local community.

Lane Gillespie, Asst. Director, Mountain Valley Developmental Services, describes her reaction to finding out about her Design for a Difference project, “So when I first found out about Design for A Difference, I was a little overwhelmed. You know, it really just touched my heart that there were people out there like this he wanted to help us.”

Together, Becky Maddux and Deb Davis, co-owners and vice presidents of Select Surfaces, knew that Mountain Valley Developmental Services was the organization they wanted to help. By inviting designers to a previous reveal at SOS Outreach, they rallied support for this project. Deb Davis said, “We had people approaching us, calling us, coming in the store and say hey I saw what you did I’m so excited. So wonderful. I really want to be part, what are we doing next?”

And, before they knew it, the project was on its way. Prior to the DFAD project, the space was dull and didn’t have much room for storage. Because it was previously a bank, there was little color and personality. Walls were bare and white, and décor was minimal. The space was begging for some personality and brightness.

DFAD designers came in with a vision – to make it more fun, inviting, and welcoming. With so many spaces, including an old vault, a kitchen, an activity center, and an old conference room, the design was one that offered plenty of opportunity.

In the kitchen reveal, you’ll see new kitchen cabinets and fixtures, new plumbing, and new appliances. In other spaces, you’ll notice new wall colors, a mountain mural on one of the large walls, and even new flooring. To keep things fun, paper hot air balloons were hung from the ceiling, with colorful artwork on adjacent walls. “The artwork that’s been put in represents our neighborhood. It really represents the Vail Valley. Just really feels like a great place to be and spend our time so it’s really neat,” said Marianna Gabriel, Program Manager, Mountain Valley Developmental Services.

But what’s most important, is that the clients of this incredible organization love the updates. While many of them can’t talk, they show their excitement through pointing and smiling. Some clients even explode in joyful laughter when walking through the space. What a wonderful way to give back to the community!