How To Get Votes For Your Nominee

With the end of the Design for a Difference contest in sight, it’s time to advocate for your nominee and get them votes! It is one thing to share their story as to why you think they deserve to win, but it is another to advocate for them as a person and highlight all of the wonderful things about them. Below are some ideas on how to get more votes for your nominee.

Ask Your Friends and Family

The best advocates for your nominee are their friends and family. Rally your community behind your nominee and ask them to be your ambassadors. Their friends and family know them the best, and they should be the first people you ask to vote for your nominee. You will also want to start asking people you know around your community; start with people your nominee has interacted with to continue to get the word out. Word of mouth is a powerful tool to use when you need to gather votes.

Family Voting For Nominee

Share to All of Your Social Platforms

Social distancing is still prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are not comfortable going out and meeting up with people to ask them to vote for your nominee, you can share their story on social media! You can use social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share the DFAD contest and get them to vote for your nominee. You can also share your nominee’s story and inspire others to do good and give back to their community.

Share to Local Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a very powerful social tool that brings people with common interests together. Join your local community Facebook group or a local organization and share your nominee’s story. The more people who learn about what your nominee did to make a difference in their community, the more votes you might gain. We recommend joining community Facebook groups that share a common interest in supporting local groups and organizations.

Use Your Email Signature to Get Votes

Ask your co-workers to vote for your nominee. Although they may not know your nominee, asking your co-workers to vote for them will help to spread awareness. You never know, someone may want to learn more about how they can also become more involved in their community. This is a great opportunity for you to network as well as gather more votes.

Vote Online

Recruit the Media to Help You

Leverage your local media channels to get your nominee’s story out into the community. Local media channels are always looking for a feel-good story to feature in their community. Even if you do not have a contact, most local media outlets have public contact information that you can send your story to. Make sure you follow up and stay consistent to get your nominee’s story in front of the right person.

Turn to YouTube to Get More Votes

Video content is one of the most popular ways to communicate today. YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms and the perfect place to advocate for your nominee. You can create a video telling the story of your nominee and sharing more information about your community. The best part about creating a YouTube video is the ability to share it across other platforms such a social media or via email.

Are there other ways you have been gathering votes for your nominee? Don’t forget voting begins September 9th, so start advocating for your nominee today!