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Color Inspiration: DFAD Transformations with Color

Design for a Difference has a unique opportunity to help communities across the nation create spaces where patrons in need feel warm, welcome, and comforted. One of the ways we seek to do that is by making over non-profit organizations by bringing in a team of designers to design a beautiful, functional space that works for the needs of those who use it.

As part of the many DFAD transformations we have seen over the years, there’s always a sense of brightness and fun that comes along with it. No matter the organization, the makeover is completely unique and equally beautiful. One unique thing we have noticed over the years is the introduction of color and its purpose in each space. Whether it’s a specific room being brightened, or a corner being featured, there is no lack of color in these beautiful DFAD transformations.

Let’s take a look at some of the past DFAD projects where color is presented. You might just be surprised at how gorgeous the outcome is with bright blues, greens, yellows, and every color in between!

In this project based out of Avon, Colorado, a bright area rug is featured underneath a conference table with green and orange chairs. Red, yellow, and green artwork hung on the wall complements the overall style of the space beautifully, while still keeping it a well-functioning space to have a meeting.

Makers Space, based out of Kansas City, received a huge upgrade with bright blue walls and fun stools. Neon green, orange, and blue make an appearance here, and, coupled with a brand-new wood look floor, there’s no shortage of beauty and excitement that comes from being a part of this space.

Providing a bright burst of blue, orange, green, pink, and red, this mural speaks to the idea of taking chances. Based out of Raleigh, the Raleigh Rescue Mission was one makeover that simply couldn’t resist the opportunity for a large mural on the wall. And the DFAD team didn’t disappoint with this one!

Keeping things professional while still offering a bright take on the design, this DFAD project in Mountain View, California creates the perfect balance of style and simplicity. A bright alphabet mural draws the eye while orange stools and bright green tables look nice and fresh against an otherwise neutral backdrop.