IDG Showroom Owners Reveal Their Favorite Flooring in Their Own Homes

When it comes to floor covering inspiration, the options are limitless. There are hashtags and SM platforms, bloggers and influencers, top designers and architects around the world- all sharing their likes, loves, and current work so you can update your mood board by the second.

Creating a digital file of ideas is an excellent place to start, but speaking with a flooring expert is the next sensible step. Thankfully, four of our IDG showroom owners and sponsors of Design For A Difference in their respective cities, are here to reveal their favorite flooring in their own homes.

As International Design Guild members, they are part of the nation’s largest floor covering buying group, have a lifetime of experience, and are proud owners of deluxe showrooms that have become the premier resource for homeowners, designers, and architects around the country.

It doesn’t get more on-trend or personal than this, and it is our pleasure to introduce you to our very own experts, as they tell us why they love their floors, why you will love them, the backstory, and how to make them yours.


Meet Our IDG Showroom Owners:


Manny Gonzalez

The Carpet Boutique

Miami, Florida

Style of Home: Ranch

Favorite Floor: Wide plank natural American Black Walnut wood flooring.

Location: Throughout the house.

Why He Loves It: “I love the graining of the Black Walnut. The smooth subtle lines blend perfectly from deep browns to light blondes, creating a gorgeous color. For me, it’s the cleanest looking wood around.”

The Backstory: “I first installed this flooring for a client and once I saw the finished product I knew I had to incorporate it in my home remodel in some way.”

Maintenance: “I clean my floor with a natural oil cleaner and oil it every 2 years. I would definitely recommend this floor to anyone looking for a sleek modern look.”

Make It Yours: “Find an IDG showroom and ask for an American Black Walnut flooring. You won’t regret it!”


Alan Petlin

Alan Petlin Gourmet Floors

San Antonio, Texas

Style of Home: Arts & Crafts built in 1924

Favorite Floor: Solid homogeneous cork 12”x24” running bond pattern with 1”x12” stainless steel accent bars between every other tile, in every other row.

Location: Kitchen, hallways, playroom, and bedrooms.


Why He Loves It: “The cork floors are the perfect complement to the Longleaf Heart Pine floors that are original to the home, and located in our living room, dining room, and study. They are comfortable, naturally beautiful with rich color variation, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and easy to maintain. The cork also minimizes breakage when things are dropped.”

The Backstory: “The cork flooring in the kitchen, hall, and playroom was actually prefinished in a dark brown, but it didn’t look good in our house, so we installed the cork upside down and finished it on-site. The backsides of many tiles had serial numbers stamped on them that did not come completely off with sanding, but we embraced the look because we think it adds a unique industrial touch which we love.”

Maintenance: “We maintain the floors with Bona cleaner.”

Make It Yours: “I recommend these floors to anyone who will listen and can appreciate natural beauty. I always tell clients that I prefer things that ‘wear in’ as opposed to things that ‘wear out.’ Clients should ask their IDG showroom for cork floors, and if interested in Arts & Crafts style wood, antique Longleaf Heart Pine floors.”


Bob Kashou

Kashou Carpets

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Style of Home: Mediterranean

Favorite Floor: Antique Persian Tribal Qashqai Rugs

Location: Sunroom

Why He Loves Them: “Our sunroom doubles as a music room. We have a piano, guitars and violins, and the walls feature trompe l’oeil works of art that my wife painted. The Persian rugs add another layer of beauty to the space with their detailed, intricate geometric patterns and various colors. Add to that the amazing quality they provide under foot, and for me, they are the perfect floorcovering.”

The Backstory: “There is one rug in particular, that we’ve applied in a different way that has sentimental value: You see, my grandfather started our family business over a hundred years ago, and back in the day, we had a cleaning and rug repair facility where it was quite common for rugs to be cut to fit a room. There were always lots of rug fragments lying on the repair table. So one day, I saw this particular piece, and was just really attracted to it, so I brought it home. My wife had the idea to have it made into a cover for our piano bench, so we did and it’s stunning. It’s now a special piece that I’m sure will stay in our family for years.”

Maintenance: “It’s important to keep your rugs vacuumed, especially underneath the furniture where extra dust or moths can hide. In addition, send them our to have them professionally washed at least every couple of years. This will keep them looking and feeling new for years of use.”

Make It Yours: “Visit your IDG Showroom and ask to see their Persian Rug collection. When it comes to finding the right Persian, it’s a personal decision, like buying art. You will know it’s the right one when you see it; it will define your taste and lifestyle, and become a beautiful part of your home.”


Matt Pfeiffer

Northern Flooring & Interiors

Lake Orion, Michigan

Style of Home: Rustic Contemporary

Favorite Floor: European Walnut wide plank hardwood floor with hard wax and oil natural finish.

Location: Throughout main floor except bathrooms.

Why He Loves It: “I love the natural look and the durability of these floors. We live in the woods and have an active family with kids and a big dog, and I can’t think of a more beautiful and forgiving floor that looks better with wear, tear, and time than a wide planked walnut.”

The Backstory: “In 2008, we lost our home to a house fire. While it was a very difficult time, we were given the opportunity to rebuild on the same foundation with materials that matched our lifestyle.  The European Walnut was a floor I never dreamed I’d be able to make my own, and being in the flooring industry, I was not only able to budget for it, but use it in a way that made it the focal point of our home.”

Maintenance: “We suction vacuum only day to day, and wash it with a combo of water mixed with concentrated hardwood floor cleaner when needed. We also rewax it about once a year to replenish the finish and keep its natural patina.”

Make It Yours: “Visit your IDG Showroom and ask for a European Walnut floor with a low gloss, natural finish and texture.”


Thank you for welcoming us into your homes, gentlemen. Given your access to exclusive flooring options, it’s clear that you prefer products that are not only naturally beautiful, but easy to live with. We’ve also noted that you find it worthwhile to invest in products that stand the test of time.

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