How You Can Make a Difference in Your Community

Design for a Difference is all about giving back to communities with spaces in need of makeovers that can change the way the space is used, experienced, and seen. As a community-focused organization, we feel that it is more important than ever to give back to your local community. There are many ways to do so, and the beauty of giving back doesn’t have to be a complicated gesture of kindness, it’s actually quite simple! Here are a few different ways you can give back to your community.

Donate Your Time

They say time is money, and that’s why donating your time is one of the most effective ways of giving back. If you want to donate your time in your local community, consider volunteering at places like your local non-profit, a school, homeless shelter, food bank, or dog shelter, etc.

If you’re not quite sure where to start or you’re nervous about meeting new people, try to think about what you’re passionate about and start there. Some people are really passionate about animals and love being around them. If this sounds like you, a dog or cat shelter would probably work well for you! On the other hand, if you’re interested in helping kids, there are tons of non-profit organizations that work with children, so it’s best to start there. If you’re anxious about volunteering for the first time, you can ask a friend to volunteer with you. This way, not only will you feel less nervous about volunteering for the first time, but the organization will also benefit from an extra helping hand.

Participate in Fundraisers and Charity Events

Finding a cause that you are passionate about can be great motivation for assisting an organization in your community. Many organizations hold monthly events that they put together to raise money for their organization. Participating in these events will help the organization to fundraise successfully. One example of participating in a charity event could mean that you donate something for a raffle. If you like to make blankets, wreaths, signs, or artwork, these are all great prizes that will increase the number of raffle tickets sold for an organization.

Or, create your own fundraiser or event! Local food banks and homeless shelters often need specific items. Reach out to find out what’s in greatest need and you can begin collecting these items. It’s best to choose a drop-off place so that others can participate quickly and easily. Canned food, boxed food, blankets, and winter jackets are just a few examples of items that can be collected for organizations, though every non-profit is unique in their specific needs.

A Random Act of Kindness for A Neighbor

Whether you have an elderly neighbor or a neighbor in need of some assistance around the house, there are many ways to help. One way you can give back to those near you is to do a random act of kindness. You can mow your neighbor’s lawn while your doing your own, pull some weeds for them, or offer a helping hand if you see them struggling with a handful of groceries.

The number of ways you can help your neighbors is nearly endless, and it’s one of the simplest ways you can offer your time and kindness to others. Plus, by simply offering a helping hand, you may be surprised at just how much you can learn about others in your community! You might find that you are inspired to help your community in other ways!

Provide Financial Support

Another way you can help an organization in your community is to provide financial support. Consider donating occasionally or even monthly, it’s up to you! No matter the amount of money you choose to donate, the organization will surely benefit. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a lot! A small donation can often go a long way for those in need.