Did You Know? Kids Volunteer for DFAD

Design for a Difference™ makes waves in communities across the US in a variety of different ways. Whether it’s the charities involved, the unique spaces that are renovated, or the style of the space, there are a plethora of unique things about DFAD and its influence. But one thing you may not be aware of is that DFAD welcomes all kinds of volunteers, including kids! Teenagers, preteens, and youth who are willing to volunteer are always welcome to participate in a DFAD project. And what’s even better, is that they can bring their friends! The more helping hands, the better.

Angela Leung and her daughter, Isabella Leung-Guerra

Stephanie Stroud of Stephanie Stroud Interiors has extensive experience with DFAD projects that involve kids of all ages. She said, “Every project that we have done, we have had community involvement with a lot of kids. My projects have been child-related charities, so it’s really meaningful for kids that aren’t part of the charity to give back because it’s like they’re giving back to their peers.

I have three different-aged kids who reached out to their friends and everyone has been more than willing to help. I feel like it makes a huge impact on them whether they went willingly or their parents asked them to help. They get a lot out of it.”

One way kids get involved is by helping to choose fun décor and items for other kids. For example, at the KVC Prairie Ridge Psychiatric Hospital, an after-hospital cottage for kids who are not quite ready to return home after their in-patient stay, young volunteers helped make beds and chose stuffed animals that matched the bedding décor. They also got to organize a variety of games for the space.


For kids, summer is an excellent time to volunteer with DFAD because they often have free time to help out. Not only can kids bring their friends, but they will also get the experience of a lifetime, learning how volunteering can truly change the lives of those in our local communities. While the summer is a great time to volunteer, there is no time frame when kids can get involved in a charity-focused project. Currently, there are no ongoing projects available for kids to volunteer, but we promise there will be some soon!

If you are interested in getting your child involved with DFAD, be on the lookout for when we relaunch our charity projects. This is the perfect opportunity to get more involved, and we would love to have them!