Did You Know: How Diverse Our Makeovers Are?

There are many things that make DFAD unique, but one thing in particular that stands out is just how unique each and every project is. When it comes to the size, scope, and type of project, DFAD has truly touched a diverse range. Some examples of DFAD projects include residential homes, youth programs, food pantries, senior living centers, and horse therapy centers, among a variety of others.

Not only does DFAD work on a variety of projects, but DFAD also supports all causes and charities. In fact, the DFAD makeovers are primarily driven by the showroom owner who feels passionate about a specific cause. After seeking out the project, the team can then move forward on finding charities and sponsors to help move the project forward.

In this DFAD project located in Madison, Bob Tobe, Owner/CEO of Floor 360, wanted “To be known as a company with a heart.” He said, “If I can leave that legacy to our company and it can carry on for many many more years, that’s the best thing I can do in my business life.”

With this in mind, Bob Tobe and DFAD worked together to remodel the Center for Families, a place where adults and children can go to access important resources to support and stabilize their families. The Center for Families serves four hundred and twenty-five families with over eight hundred and fifty children per year.

Get this – no US location is off-limits when it comes to DFAD, and that’s one thing that makes it so special. Over a thousand miles away from Madison in Avon, Colorado, where the Center for Families was remodeled is another one-of-a-kind project, spearheaded by the team at Select Surfaces.

In this project, the DFAD team and Select Surfaces worked together with SOS Outreach to refresh their current facilities. What makes this DFAD project unique is not only its location but also the organization’s focus on outdoor recreation. SOS Outreach is a youth development organization that uses outdoor recreation to promote long-term success for under served youth.

“We bring together adults who want to make a difference in their communities with kids who need positive attention and structure in their lives,” said Seth Ehrich, Director, SOS Outreach.

Because of the location of this DFAD project and SOS Outreach’s focus on outdoor recreation, you can imagine how much snowboarding and skiing is happening! To unite this focus in the space with the help of Vail Resort and Rob Davis, Co-Owner, President of Select Surfaces, chair lifts that were donated were made into comfortable bench seating. How often do you see a chair lift indoors? These extraordinary design details are what truly make a DFAD project so unique and special.

To see the full project get a glimpse at the completed chairlifts, check out our video here.

There’s simply no limit to the charities, locations, design focus, size, scope, or type of project at DFAD. Did you know?