DFAD Project Update: CHAC Part 2

The CHAC DFAD project was one that simply couldn’t be condensed into one project update. The 7,500 square feet of space that were renovated with beautiful, functional, features, artwork, and décor were part of one of the largest DFAD projects to date!

As promised, we’re sharing before and after photos of the spaces that haven’t yet been seen, including the landscaping, the training room, the “village well,” the intern area, and brand-new flooring.

About CHAC

CHAC has been in business for 48 years and began when a group of moms came together to protect their teens from the negative impacts of substance abuse. Since then, the organization has been driven by the belief that mental wellness is the foundation for a healthy and fulfilled life. Focusing on early intervention and prevention, CHAC provides continued care and builds healthy, resilient, and supportive communities. CHAC operates completely on a sliding scale, declining services for no one.

The Landscaping

It’s truly amazing how big of a difference beautiful greenery and new landscaping can make. Here’s a look at what the outside of the CHAC building looked like prior to the DFAD team’s update.

New greenery, flowers, and mulch were added to brighten and freshen the look of the CHAC building. The update is minor, but provides a new, welcoming entrance to the CHAC building.

The Training Room

The training room was an important part of the project because it needed to be multifunctional. Helping to control the amount of light with all the windows present, one of the vendors provided automatic window coverings. This was a helpful addition because sometimes people needed to work on their computers, and other times it needed to be used as a gathering space. Here’s a look at what the room looked like before the DFAD project.

Marsha Deslauriers, Executive Director of CHAC, said, “We do everything in that room. They brought in furniture that includes collapsible tables so we can move them to the side when needed. And they reconfigured the space so that we could get more people in the room. They also made a chalk wall so people could write inspiring things and statements that invites you to write what you’re feeling – which is really powerful.”

The “Village Well”

What exactly is the “village well?” One of the most crucial areas in the CHAC space, this area provides an area for people to sit and come together to work, a copier, and other necessary tools for completing work. Here’s a glimpse at what it looked like before.

Bringing both color and functionality into the space, the DFAD team added green and gray seating that fit flush against the wall to ensure there was enough space for other items and activities. A live edge wooden table was added that complements the “village well” area and feels wholesome, organic, and natural – all feelings that are welcomed in the CHAC building.

The Intern Area

One of the unique things about CHAC is that they also offer services using their internship program. Each year, the staff at CHAC recruits and trains 85 post-graduate marriage and family therapists and psychologists. That’s why the intern area was so important – it was a space where interns would come together to consult with each other on work and complete other tasks. Prior to the DFAD project, the intern area was open with seating and tables.

After the DFAD project was completed, brand-new paint, furniture, and artwork made the space feel very different. Marsha said, “They put in beautiful tables and they knew we wanted to bring the outside in, so one wall is a forest green with birch trees, because outside of our windows are birch trees. People love being in this space.”

New Flooring

The DFAD project wouldn’t be complete without stunning new flooring. Here’s a look at the vinyl and carpet that was installed in two spaces. The vinyl that was installed helped absorb sound throughout, which was a helpful addition to the CHAC space where privacy is crucial.

The DFAD team renovated the space and checked nearly every box with this project, and the CHAC space and staff continue to provide quality services for their community in Mountain View, California. To find out more about CHAC, click here.