Before and Afters: A Look at Some of Our Biggest Transformations

When it comes to DFAD, there’s simply no shortage of creativity and beauty that goes into each and every makeover. And, while these spaces become a place that looks beautiful, they’re so much more than that. They’re a physical place where comfort and joy blossom, and a place where those who seek help can find solace. So remember, while the DFAD movement ultimately creates beautiful spaces, what’s most important is the lasting impact these spaces have on those within them.

Today, we’re sharing some before and after shots to show you just how amazing our transformations can truly be.

Outdated furniture and carpet and dull paint made it clear that this space needed an upgrade.

In the new space, bright, earthy colors offer a space that feels bright and welcoming. New furniture makes the open-concept room feel comfortable and cozy, and the addition of new flooring helps to make it feel nice and clean. Additionally, area rugs and seating spaces define specific spaces in the room and offer even more space than before. There’s simply no end to the amount of beauty this transformation offers!

A small space that offered little functionality, this room needed to be practical for a variety of uses.

Recessed lighting and light gray paint brings this new space to life to make it feel much larger. New carpet in a unique pattern in a bright shade of indigo, along with new chairs also helps to create an interior that is useful for the organization.

A space that needed to be used for storage, this area lacked designated spaces that provide useful space to store items of all sizes.

In the new storage area, shelving works flawlessly for plastic storage bins, and there’s plenty of space provided to consolidate items effectively. Bright paint colors and a built-in work bench make storing tools quick and easy. And, because everything has a place, there’s no clutter or mess at any time!

An open-concept space on a DFAD project based out of Madison, this rec space lacked a personality and a theme. In the transformation, this was taken into consideration.

In an inspiring transformation, new flooring and a large mural speak to the look and feel of this space. Moveable seating is the perfect addition to this space, as it can be used in multiple areas or moved out of the way quickly and easily!

No matter the DFAD project, there is an undoubtedly impressive amount of newness and style dripping out of the finished project. Stay tuned to see more one-of-a-kind DFAD projects!